Banner creative artwork should be within the following dimensions (below).  We recommend that clients provide at least one design in each size to maximize available ad inventory. While we can run campaigns with fewer sizes, it limits the inventory available and may result in the campaign taking longer to serve.

  • 300×250 (pixels)
  • 728×90 (pixels)
  • 320×50 (pixels)
  • 160×600 (pixels)
  • 300×50 (pixels)


Video has to be less than or equal to requested duration (i.e. we can bid on a 15-second request with a 10-second video.)

  • The standard durations available via our system are as: 15-second, 30-second, 60-second
  • Standard video sizes are as follows: 400×225 400×300      480×360     640×360     1920×800
  • Options include: Pre-Roll (This represents majority of inventory), Mid-Roll and Post-Roll
  • Additionally, Google only supports: 480×360, 640×360, and 1920×800. If FLUID is hosting the video, we will automatically encode any 400×225 and 400×300 video ads to fit Google’s size requirements by adding letter boxes.
  • Companion ads are supported, but only standard image files are accepted.
  • Flash files are not supported