Precision Audience Solutions

ECHO is our campaign booster that “echoes” your messaging, increasing the impact your existing direct-marketing campaign or current FLUID campaign will have on your audience.

ECHO has two functions:
(1) Converts your leads-lists and mailing-lists into IP addresses, and sends digital ads directly to those devices.
(2) Converts your curated FLUID target IP addresses into mailing addresses and then sends your custom mailing campaign to those addresses.

This very cost-effective supplement to your active campaign reverberates your message to your intended audiences before, during, and after they receive your physical mailers OR sends a direct mail version of your message to reinforce your messaging that already has been delivered through our digital channels.

IMAGINE your latest direct marketing campaign also delivered digitally to the same audience for an entire month, echoing your message, without the cost of postage or printing. Now you can!

ECHO-PIXEL captures the data of targeted anonymous visitors that land on your website and converts their IP addresses into their mailing addresses.

As you setup the pixel, you can are able to select different filters on who you want to target.

All we need is your URL and we will create your custom pixel and send you instructions on how to install it. NO commitment.

After the trial period, we will supply you with a report that illustrates how many visitors landed on your website and how many of those visitors we captured and were able to convert.

IMAGINE sending “products-viewed” mailers within 48-hours of a website visit by people who did not leave contact information. Now you can!

LIVE is our B2C and B2B targeting solution that bases its target selections on a specific location and sends your digital messaging to the people who are at the chosen location at that very moment.

LIVE allows advertisers to select locations where target populations gather such as college campuses, hotels, trade shows, conventions, airports, big box stores, theater districts, stadiums etc., and other areas of a city or region.

When your potential customers are browsing on their phones (either on a website or through an app such as Instagram or Facebook) while attending an event, a concert, or while at a location such as a store or hospital, we can deliver your ad in real time on their devices.

IMAGINE sending your ad to your potential customers while they are at your competitors’ locations. Now you can!

GREET is the better way to introduce and promote your business to potential customers and welcome them to the neighborhood.

With GREET, we target people who have either just moved to the area within the last 90 days, people who have just listed their house for sale, or people who are in escrow.

GREET places ads on devices that are connected to an IP address at the targeted residence.

IMAGINE you are a home services contractor and had the ability to send a welcome video commercial to all of the new families of a neighborhood with your special. Now you can!

TIME MACHINE allows you to go back in time, up to 6 months from an event that occurred 7 days from the request date. Time Machine will grab device IDs from previous events, areas, or locations of interests.

With this service, you will be able to correct missed opportunities of what you could have done months ago at previous events or with your competitors’ customers base. You can also collect customers device IDs for use at a future date.

IMAGINE being able to target selected individuals that attended an event like the Super Bowl, a trade show or a concert that already happened and then send them your custom message. Now you can!

SCOUT is our service that allows you to reach potential customers before or after a trigger such as a weather event or a holiday.

Prior to the triggering event, we set up your “Scout” campaign that includes your ad-exchange approved ads and links, and locations. Everything will be ready to be deployed with a click of a mouse when the triggering event occurs.

IMAGINE you are a public adjuster, and a tornado or other event occurs in your service area. Even though your potential customers may not be in their homes, you can still reach out to them about relief, where to go for shelter, or who they should contact about their insurance. Now you can!

PRECISION PLUS allows advertisers to select specific targets by selecting locations where those target populations visit.

FLUID then captures the IP addresses from those various locations and sets rules, for example, only capturing individuals who go to both location A and location B.

IMAGINE seeing where your “window shoppers” shop, having access to those demographics and frequency of visits, and then selecting which of those potential customers you want to target both with digital ads and direct mail. Now you can!

AUDIENCE X creates new, predictable audience targets by mining your existing sales data to simulate future customer patterns and habits.

Using predictive modeling tools, Audience X creates audiences who share common attributes to your existing customer base.

Audience X takes the guesswork out of your search for new targets.

IMAGINE being able to reach out to a targeted group of potential customers that share the same distinct attributes and demographics as your existing long-term customers. Now you can!

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